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What Makes Patch Different?
 Patch Data provides custom and speculative data reports to our clients based on open source and publicly available data. We provide our customers with a cost effective, 100% guaranteed competitive data report that can provide valuable insight to difficult capital investments.

Why should you choose us?
  • We provide cost effective, ethical competitive data reports.
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our reports.
  • We provide 110% money back guarantee on the content integrity of our reports.
  • We are developing the Largest Database of proprietary oilfield wells available.

How reliable is the data you provide?

The Data we provide is 100% reliable and and accurate. If our reports are not accurate we will provide you with a full refund plus a 10% bonus on top of what you paid.

Do you only work on Confidential Wells?

Our focus is on Developing a detailed database of proprietary reports on confidential wells. We do also understand the need for infield development activities and the need to track them. So please contact us directly to discuss what we can offer in regard to “Custom” projects.

Where do you have experience?

Our team of field reporters has worked around the world, from Canada and the USA to Australia and Europe.

What are the typical cost of your reports?

Our reports range from $1500.00 to $10 000 and up depending on what the reports contain and the value of the upcoming land sales and offsetting discoveries. You can be be assured that our reports will provide  your organization with an enlightened view point and high value. Plus EVERY report comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Why is your data better?
Our data is better because we are not trying to provide ongoing data on a daily or bi-weekly basis. We observe and Compile our data over the course of the entire project, and confirm everything through several sources, then we compile the reports with a focus on key issues and discoveries.
Our reports are  like watching the “Highlight reel” after the game, you get the score and everything important that happened without having to endure the minute my minute blow by blow of the entire game. It’s a higher level viewpoint that still provides the crucial details at a considerable cost savings to our customers.

What sort of reports do you sell?

We sell a wide variety of competitive and strategic planning type reports. Please contact us directly to further discuss what options are available to your organization.

Can we meet with your team?
You can most certainly meet with the entire front end of the Patch Data team, but many of our sources in the field are confidential assets and they must remain confidential assets in the same way that media sources must protect their sources to provide the best safety.